About Zac and Ily

At Zac and Ily we bring you childrens' clothing, accessories and decorations that have been individually made and crafted.

While working as a graphic designer with a fashion company in Singapore, owner Siti Alwani Creer developed a passion for traditional textiles and the indigenous arts and crafts of the world. Batik and ikat from Indonesia, embroideries from India, patchwork from America and tapestries from Europe have one thing in common, they are all handmade using traditional methods. The irregular stitches and prints with their vibrant warm colours are what make them uniquely charming, tactile and alive.

At Zac and Ily we try to include products which have been produced using some of these traditional indigenous methods. Our range of clothes features contemporary, fun designs from the island of Bali, created using the traditional method of wax resist dying known as batik. Some of our accessories and decorations have been hand embroidered and embellished. A few of them have been handmade by Siti herself using some of these methods, under the name Wani Design. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed sourcing and producing them.


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